Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and disorganized?  Are you spending more time at the office and burning the midnight oil while missing out on spending time with your family?  Is self-care a thing you put on the back-burner because you are always playing “catch-up” on your never-ending to-do list?  What other important things do you wish you had more time for but you keep putting off due to lack of time?

What if I told you that you can make more time for the more important things in life that you have been neglecting and not feel guilty about it?  You might think I’ve either lost my mind, or I just don’t know how busy your life is.  But I want to challenge you to stay with me and explore some of the ways that you can implement time-saving tactics that may also save your sanity!

Time management can greatly affect your health. 

Many Americans struggle with poor time management.  The result of this can lead to poor health and mood disorders due to stress, lack of sleep, and poor diet from those office vending machine snacks and sodas and greasy take-out meals.  The lack of self-care, quality time with friends and family, and plain old-fashioned FUN can make one a very unhappy person and even lead to depression.  It can also affect how you show up in your job performance and how you interact with your clients.  You may find yourself rushing to complete your tasks, skimping on quality, and efficiency.  Your family and clients may notice your lack of focus and inability to meet deadline

Naturally, having good time management skills can reduce stress and anxiety and give you back more time to take better care of yourself.  You may improve your health and discover a new zest for life!  Make time to exercise, cook healthy meals, find a fun hobby!  Your work performance and client relationships can improve as well.  The possibilities of how good time management can improve your life are endless.  But you have to commit to creating time-saving habits and utilizing them consistently to avoid slipping back into procrastination and old time-wasting habits.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day. 

Make time work FOR you instead of AGAINST you.  Utilizing good time management allows you to accomplish more in a shorter period.  The outcome is that you will free up more time in your schedule to do more things that matter the most to you! 

You may need to give up the good for the great. 

Perhaps you like to come home after a long day and binge watch Netflix to relax.  The next thing you know, 5 hours of precious time flew by and you never got around to doing your mountain of laundry…or reading that bedtime story to your child.  You pull up social media sites while on a short break at work, only you get so engrossed in the scrolling that you have a difficult time focusing on getting your work done.  Maybe you stayed up until 1:00 a.m. reading that book you couldn’t put down, and now you’ve overslept and missed out on your morning routine that sets your day up for success.  

Everyone needs some downtime, but these guilty pleasures can be a huge time-waster if you let them.  Try limiting yourself to one or two episodes of your favorite show, but make sure you get your priority work done first so you can truly relax when it’s time.  Set a timer when you check your social media and then shut it down when it’s time to get back to work.  Turn off your notifications if you need to!  Use self-control and discipline to read one or two chapters and get a good night’s sleep.  You will wake up refreshed and ready to focus on your day.  Giving up the good for the great doesn’t mean you have to give up those “good” things you enjoy.  It simply means you may need to lay them down for a season or limit them to a reasonable time so that you have more time for the greater things that mean more to you.