Carrie Wulf, Virtual Assistant for Business Coaches, Trainers, and Speakers

Meet Carrie Wulf, Virtual Expert®

for Business Coaches, Trainers, and Speakers.

Carrie Wulf is committed to helping Business Coaches, Trainers, and Speakers to regain control of their inbox and hectic schedule to achieve both an optimized productivity schedule and inbox zero; giving them more time to do what they love.


Organizational Excellence

Carrie’s path to organizational excellence began in her 20’s. Her husband Jeremy was an active duty soldier and she found herself having to figure out how to move her family of 4 plus pets across the country without losing vital information. As the family grew to 5 people, 2 cats, 2 dogs plus special education plans it became increasingly important to have a logistical system for getting from State A to State B. Many moves and volunteer positions later Carrie has applied her love of organization to everything from helping other military spouses navigate their own relocation to implementing systems for non-profit organizations.

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What Makes Carrie Indispensable

Carrie is set apart from other services by her high level of professionalism and commitment to you and your business. The quality of service that you receive will give you the time to focus on the revenue producing activities, rather than stressing about your email load, schedule or if your project is on track to deliver. By partnering with Wulfden Virtual Assistants, you will not only have a strategic partner, allowing your business to operate with a streamlined efficiency but also an asset to support you as your business grows.

What lights Carrie up about this work

is seeing her clients succeed:

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Taking a project from conception to execution, delivering a professional product


Getting your team on track and on the same page


Achieving and maintaining Inbox Zero


Maintaining an efficient schedule allowing the time to work on the parts of the business that require their unique skill set and vision

Clients Agree that Carrie is an

Expert Virtual Assistant

Charli Wheeler, Business Coach and Owner of Direct Sales Community, LLC

“Carrie has been my Virtual Assistant for about 9 months now. She has made such a difference in my business. She’s put processes in place so that it runs much more efficiently. She’s done a large amount of research into different programs that help my business run more smoothly. She got my team set up on Trello and trained us all to use it, which has been a huge help. She is my right hand in my business and I honestly don’t know how I’d be able to do everything that I do without her to help.”

Charli Wheeler

Business Coach and Owner of Direct Sales Community, LLC

A Note from Carrie

Hello from the Wulfden! Our home, no matter where we have lived, has always been referred to by others as the “Wulfden” and over the years that name has just stuck with us. Since my husband has retired from active duty, we now delight in living in a quiet New England Town with our daughters, two cats, two dogs and a granddaughter that keeps me on my toes.  I love being able to take our Newfoundland “puppy” on walks around our quiet neighborhood and tend to my gardens (flowers and veggies).  We like to spend our summers going to the beach and supporting local businesses by frequenting our town’s farmer’s market.

I enjoy working from my home office as it allows me to support my client’s needs with undistracted dedication and skill. Choosing to work with me and my team means choosing skill, enthusiasm, commitment and dedication to your success. We strive to provide top quality professional results for each and every client; your success is our priority!

The Wulfden

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