In today’s virtual world of wanting to find everything instantly, it’s becoming increasingly important for entrepreneurs and small business owners to get their links out there.  All of them. You want your target market and potential clients to be able to find you on whichever platform they frequent. Which means you need to be listed and have a presence on as many platforms a possible. The first problem is trying to remember your profiles and links on all of those many platforms. The second problem is when you need to list all of those links and platforms but are given only a limited number of lines or text space. You don’t want to leave a profile out, so what do you do?

What if I told you that there was a tool that will allow you to list as many of your social links as you want, and only have to give out one single link? Wouldn’t that be amazing? Listing your website, a link to your blog, links to all your social media platforms, links to landing pages, all at your fingertips with only one link to remember? How amazing would that be?!

Let me introduce you to a few different social link hosting sites, Campsite,,, and The concept behind all of these ( and there are more available out there) is that you set up your profile on their platform, then list your links to all the places that your target market or clients can find you at. This will allow you to post or publish only one single link that will then take your client to your profile where they can find all of the places that your business can be found at. All of these options have both a free version and a “pro” or a paid version, and of course, the paid versions have more options to them.

I will talk about my two least favorites of these options first and why they are my least favorite. Both and must be tied to your Instagram account. They are designed more for tracking your Instagram analytics and following than anything else. While I know that Instagram is huge and is growing exponentially for use in business, not everybody is on Instagram yet. You can’t even sign up and build your profile with unless you do it through your Instagram account. With you have to sign up and build your profile through either Facebook or Google. Both of these platforms have a free version and you get just a very basic looking profile for people to find your links at.

Campsite is one of the platforms that I like. While their free version is not as robust as the paid “pro” version you still have customizing tools available. One feature that I like is that you can customize the colors on your profile. This is a great advantage because you can use your own branding colors so that the flow from Campsite to your website can be seamless. You can add as many links and social profiles that you want and just have one single link to give out or post. I also like Campsite because it allows me to add a personalized welcome message that will show up when someone visits my profile. When clients click your link it will take them to your “campsite” where they can see your welcome message and all of your links.

The is a bit more like a virtual business card. You can select your interests, your profession and customize the message when visitors go to your page. There are also options to customize the colors to match your branding as well as different call to action buttons, depending on what you want your visitors to do. You can link up your different social profiles to your bio page as well. All of that comes with the free account; when you upgrade to pro you can unlock many more features! Perks like Google Analytics, lead capture forms and the ability to list testimonials on your page will help you create a very robust personal landing page!

If you are really into Instagram, then I would recommend or to store all your social media links. If you have not jumped on to the Instagram bandwagon just quite yet, then I would highly recommend the Campsite or options. I lean heavily to the; having a personal landing page that you can share everywhere can really level up your social presence and make a lasting impression!

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